Working with Celina is not only a pleasure, but a true differentiator when it comes to execution. She is a fine combination of versatility, professionalism, and commitment, the necessary ingredients for successful delivery. If you are looking for Product Owner who is digitally savvy, hands-on, and enthusiastic about your complex project, Celina is the right person to join your team.
Juan Cedillo
IT Project Manager. Aliaxis.
As a project manager on an ecommerce Agency, I had the chance to work with Celina in front of me on client side. Celina has a strong knowledge both on ecommerce and B2B. Solution oriented and pragmatic, she has helped a lot our team to achieve the project. With people like Celina involved in the project, there were a good team spirit in the SCRUM team, and the feeling for all of being part of the same team, which wasn't so easy due to the high number of services and third parties involved in the project.
Philippe Audibert
CTO. Datasolution.
Celina's skills as a digital expert can be confirmed by her CV. However, something that probably you don't know if you haven't worked with her yet is how quickly she can understand the map of processes in an organization, how she transforms into simple ideas complex concepts and how she manages the interaction with different roles at different levels in the structure of a company making smooth the collaboration. Definitely, she is a lifesaver in any project of digital transformation.
Laura Calvo
Brand & Digital Manager. Aliaxis Iberia.
Celina is an entrepreneur with great leadership skills and strategic vision. During our collaboration, she became a fundamental pillar of the project, which progressed beyond our expectations, thanks to his great involvement. Her proactivity and willingness, together with the work with the rest of the team, made us obtain the best results.
Ignacio Barriendos
CEO. DoGood.
Having Celina on a project is a guarantee of commitment and know-how. Her vision as a consultant, her involvement in the management and achievement of objectives, and her empathy with people, make choosing Celina as a traveling companion on a project always a wise and recommendable choice.
Jaime Blanco
CEO. Nicta Digital Transformation.
I have been fortunate to work with Celina in the field of Innovation and marketing, where she made clear her commitment, effort, creativity and great involvement. I highlight her global vision of the company focused on the client, always taking into account how essential the good internal functioning is. Thank you very much Celina, let’s continue moving forward.
Marta Morán​
COO. Xesmega.
Having Celina as a consultant was a success. Both experience and knowledge were reflected in her work, which makes the result perfect. I greatly value her professionalism and understanding of my needs as a client. Thank you Celina.
Jorge Castro​
CEO. Home Fit.
I was fortunate to share an entrepreneurial project with Celina, where she demonstrated an enormous degree of involvement, commitment and effort, making high-value contributions, always focusing on the final objective. I would mainly highlight her strategic vision, her attention to detail and her ability to organize and plan. But above all, I remain with her enormous human quality and his values.
Tomás Floría​
COO. Kulture.
Working with Celina has been a real discovery. She is hard-working and empathetic, with a 360-degree vision. Celina looks after and for the client, giving the best of herself. We will continue working with her in marketing and innovation since in a short time she has become an essential collaborator of the company.
Daniel Liceras
CEO. Xesmega.